Afro Latino Spotlight: Rosie Perez

Today we celebrate Afro-Latina Rosie Perez (@rosieperezbrooklyn)! Rosie celebrates her identity with pride is of the "Nuyorican" movement, which combines cultures from New York City and Puerto Rico.

She elevated to fame after making her acting debut in Spike Lee's blockbuster Do the Right Thing. Rosie has had a long-acting career and is also a dancer, novelist, choreographer, and talk show host.
With regard to the Puerto Rican community, Perez is quite active. She was a co-director of the Puerto Rican historical documentary "Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tú lo sepas!" In 2010, Barack Obama appointed Perez to the PACHA, the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. She has become a spokeswoman for the Latinx community thanks to her transparency, which has helped her connect with her Afro-Latina community. Perez encourages all Latinos to come together and stand up for their rights and representation, regardless of their country of origin or skin color.

photo: Dario Cantatore

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