Berkley Square – Las Vegas, Nevada: Planned Community Built by and For Black Americans

The Lowdown: Designed by Paul Revere Williams,   famous Black architect who imagined iconic Southern California buildings such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and Golden Era Hollywood celebrity homes, Berkley Square is one of the earliest American subdivisions built expressly for Black Americans.

Designed in 1949, the suburban district comprised of 148 mid-century-style homes was erected on the historic Westside of Las Vegas 1954-1955. At a time when America was trending away from city life and marching into suburbia as a way of life for the middle class, Berkley Square possessed an especially glamorous appeal for upwardly mobile Black families.

Over the past five years, m unicipal bodies have been working to revitalize the area. In

2012, the Vegas government chose Berkley Square as the home for a dazzling new

sign welcoming natives and tourists alike to the historic neighborhood.

And this is why Berkley Square is deemed an OBO Black Landmark.

  • The Location: The historic west side of Las Vegas, Nevada. Located Northwest of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, West Las Vegas has been the historically Black section of the city since the 1920s and is affectionately called “Westside” by locals. It’s home to the infamous Moulin Rouge and is still the location for some of the city’s popular nightclubs.
  • Fun Fact: The homes built in this district in the 1950s are still residential family homes today. After years of preservation advocacy for the culturally significant community, Berkley Square was officially named a Historic Place by National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 2009.

Location: Westside Las Vegas, Nevada

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Google 360 View: Link

If You Go: Make sure to take a photo in front of the legendary Berkley Square sign!

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