Discovering Happiness and Healing! A Three-Part Series

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Has anyone ever inspired you to change your life in a significant way that made you healthier, happier and more fulfilled? Inspiration is powerful. It’s what makes you become more creative, makes you think differently and makes you stand up and stand tall. Inspiration is a force that when activated awakens the soul to new possibilities. It lights a fire in you that motivates you to keep going until you reach your desired result. Over the next few weeks in a Three-Part Series, you will be introduced to nine Black Women who will uplift your spirits, feed your soul and leave you full of JOY.

Tabitha Brown: Actress, Entrepreneur, Author, and Social Media Personality

Tabitha Brown has been happily feeding our souls since she created her TikTok account. Brown exploded on the scene sharing her vegan recipes, cooking tips, giving us real moments with her family.  All wrapped in encouraging advice. Within five weeks of opening her TikTok account she had over 2 million followers and skyrocketed as an internet sensation. Today she is beloved because of positive vibes, her unshakable faith, and joyous spirit. Her online presence is infectious where you instantly feel like she’s family.

Tabatha was one of the first Influencers to open a Vegan Restaurant entitled, Encino located in Los Angeles.  The venture is a partnership with the Chicago-based restaurant and bar called Kale My Name. She will soon debut her first cookbook, inked a deal McCormick around her seasoning line entitled Sunshine and Orro a plant based Mini-meal. Wow...we're here for Ms. Brown!

And as Tabatha would say... “And that's how I live my life. I live my life like it's my business.” And as you can see Mrs. Brown, is serious about her business!

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Sarah Jakes: Pastor, Motivational Speaker, and Author

“If I’m in the world, then something or someone will become better because I took up space” - Pastor, Sarah Jakes

Best-selling author, motivational speaker and businesswomen Sarah Jakes Roberts is no stranger to mastering work-life balance. With her authenticity, transparency, and courage she has inspired and guided many women to get through obstacles. Jakes teaches you to move one step at a time, all while strengthening your relationship with the creator. She is the Founder of Women Evole, a ministry that focuses on uplifting every woman in her fullness. Women Evolve has had an enormous impact thousands of women and has guided them to awaken healing, wholeness and love for themself and others.

Her recent book, “Women Evolve: Break Up with Fears and Revolutionize Your Life,” is packed with insights about turning your disappointments and the mistakes of your past into life lessons that will help you become who you were intended to be. Jakes wants to empower women to take the journey no matter how difficult and soar through the storms. Her latest masterpiece was written as a command for women to pick up their mantle and go forth. We encourage you to get into it and do just that. #GoForth

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Iyanla Vanzant: Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Author, TV Personality and Lawyer

Are you “living” or living on purpose?” Living on purpose means doing what truly matters to you in alignment with your values and beliefs. I cannot tell you what that means for you, but you know when you feel it and you know when you do not.

Award winning author, speaker, coach, host of the reality TV show “Fix My Life” Iylana Vanzant, has positively influenced my life and a host of others. She is the embodiment of living on purpose. And she has been a powerful love and lifestyle teacher for over three decades delivering her messages on healing, love, and forgiveness. She is authentic and has shared her insecurities, private and funny moments.

She is proof that tuning into ourselves and tapping into our “source or higher power” will teach us everything we need to know. “Beloved,” you do not have to be perfect to fulfill your destiny.

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