National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) – Nashville, TN

In keeping with the past-meets-present technology trend in contemporary museum design, the National Museum of African American Music is a thoroughly modern perspective on the long history of Black music. Featuring five themed galleries and over 1,4000 artifacts, it uses interactive tools and exhibits to tell the story of Black music in the Americas across 50 musical genres from R&B and folk music to hip-hop and electronic.

The mission of the beautifully designed, 56,000 square foot museum is to preserve African American music traditions and celebrate the central role African Americans have played in shaping American music.


The museum is home was chosen to be Nashville over the more obvious choice of Memphis. Many felt that Black music needed to be celebrated in a town historically devoted to country music. Similarly, a lot of Nashvillians felt that the museum’s originally planned location on Jefferson St., a corridor in a predominantly Black area of Nashville, was the more appropriate and honorable choice for the museum.

The museum recently celebrated its first anniversary since opening the doors on January 30, 2021.

Fun Facts:

  1. NMAAM maintains a programming slate in keeping with their mission to celebrate Black culture.
  2. In February, Wednesday admission is free to the public in observance of Black History Month.
  3. The museum is also the site of an epic Juneteenth Block Party in June.
  4. It’s an outdoor galleria-style complex featuring popular stores and restaurants.
  5. The museum’s Broadway Street location places it on the same avenue largely associated with country music, which highlights a key objection to the museum’s location in Nashville.

The Location: NMAAM is located in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee at Fifth + Broadway

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